The Universe

Joseph Resnick – June 2014


The big sky above is filled with much stuff

To learn all about it would surely be rough.

At night we look up at the stars and the moon

A place that I hope we will go again soon.

But the stars in the sky are not all what they seem.

Some are places so large you could not even dream.

An entire galaxy that is far-far away.

Would look like just a star to us here today.

And though the stars twinkle in front of our eyes,

The light that we see has flown long through the skies

For as many years as the star is far away

That’s why they’re called ‘light-years’ as physicists say.

And while black holes and gravity are pulling matter away,

Nebula nurseries make more stars each day.

Cosmic rays, gamma rays and let’s not omit

Dark matter is there. But we just can’t see it.

These facts that I share they are all just the start.

Learning about them will help make you smart.

So look to the sky whenever you can

Dream of what’s happened since it all began.

Consider the vastness of all that you see.

And let’s talk about it over an Earl Gray Tea.