The Small Stuff

Joseph Resnick – July, 2014


Update:  I have turned this poem into an illustrated book/pdf.  Enjoy!

The Small Stuff Book


The smaller you go, the bigger things get.

A microscope would help you see that, I bet.

Let’s dive down deep and look at the world,

Down deep and down deeper, the layers unfurled.

All life on the Earth, is made up of cells,

There are cells in the trees, and cells in the shells

But those cells they have parts, and those parts all have pieces,

Keep zooming on in and you’ll see it never ceases.

Now molecules, they are some real tiny things,

They are made up of atoms in lattice or rings.

Know elements and atoms are one in the same,

You should learn all their names, it is well worth the pain.

Atoms themselves have three parts we can name,

To start, Protons and Neutrons they are not the same

Though they huddle together at the heart of the point

they are small when compared to the rest of the joint

In orbit around them electrons spin fast

Don’t try to find ’em, where you thought they were last.

But even those parts they are made up of stuff

Like Bosons or strings that are floating in fluff

From the small to the smaller, and yet smaller still,

The universe marvels and always will.

So look at the world, at the big and the small

Be in awe of its majesty, order and all.